Top Tips to Stay Stylish in the Summer Heat

During the colder months, we catch ourselves yearning for warmer days ahead, excited for weather ripe for swimming and spending time in the water. Of course, once the season rolls around, the rose-colored glasses come off. If you’re not by the beach or in a pool, those skyrocketing summertime digits quickly lose their sparkle.

Weather extremes can make it difficult to put together the perfect fit, and the height of summer heat is one of the best (or worst) examples of this. However, with the right cuts, accessories, and a fashionable eye, anyone can get their glow up on no matter how hot it is outside!

Breathable fabrics are an obvious must, but every climate comes with their own pitfalls to avoid. We put together some helpful quick tips to help you stay on top of the weather changes and come out looking fabulous because of it.

At Least it’s a Dry Heat?

For arid and dry climates, it might seem like rocking a choice summer look would be a breeze. Unfortunately, environments like this tend to experience a huge amount of sunlight, which is harmful to the skin and very energy-draining. Just taking it all off doesn’t exactly help in these situations, when sun exposure increases the likelihood of damage by free radicals. However, there are stylish ways to face these challenges that can keep you comfortable while still looking amazing!

Key Survival Strategies:

  • High-quality breathable cotton is your friend
  • Oversized sunhats will save the day
  • Flowy mini-to-mid length skirts & dresses
  • One word: Slides (and lots of them)
  • Light colors only – we can’t stress this enough!

Humidity: How to Deal

The struggles that come with summertime are exasperated tenfold by the trial that is high humidity. In places that have a lot of moisture in the air year-round, the heat of the season is heavy and can douse you in sweat within minutes of walking out the door. Frizzy hair, wrinkled fabrics, and sticking clothes are all caveats of dealing with a climate that experiences high humidity during the summer. Thankfully dressing for the occasion can prepare you for the worst of it!

Key Survival Strategies:

  • Stylish baseball caps & big sunhats
  • One-piece bathing suits that double as bodysuits
  • Loose-fitting drawstring shorts
  • Sleeveless everything!
  • Fit-and-flare dresses made of cotton or linen

Don’t Let the Heat Zap Your Vibe

No matter what body type you have or environment you’re dealing with, there are tons of ways that everyone can strike out in style and beat the heat! Some of our favorite go-to safety nets are loose halter-neck maxi dresses, oversized sunglasses, and cute claw clips. When shopping for your summer wardrobe, try to focus on which accessories have longevity and can be styled into the most looks possible!

With just a little bit of creativity, you can trounce the tribulations of fussy weather and have a summer glow up – it’s easier than you’d think! There is simply no age, size, or temperature limit on looking your best.

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