How to Store Leggings

Like most clothing items and accessories, storing your leggings properly will make them last much longer. However, when you don’t take good care of your leggings, they can stretch in weird places and appear worn out.

Why should you care so much about storing and organizing your leggings? They have become a go-to fashion staple and can be worn virtually anywhere. The possibilities are endless, from running errands, walking with friends, and visiting the pumpkin patch to shopping at the mall and a trip to the movies.

Simply put, leggings have become one of the most essential and versatile daily items in everyone’s closet. Because you’ve likely got leggings in several colors, patterns, and lengths, keeping them organized will be life-changing.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to best store your leggings when you aren’t wearing them:

Get a Closet Door Organizer

Closet Door Organizers are a game changer for those with closets filled to the brim with clothing and shoes. These special organizers can be hung by a hook from the back of a door or within your wardrobe, providing tons of small compartments where you can tuck your neatly folded leggings. Most Closet Door Organizers feature around 24 compartments with transparent windows, so you can quickly grab your favorite pair of leggings in a rush.

These organizers are also great for storing shoes, socks, bathing suits, tank tops, and even make-up.

Purchase Closet Hangers

These aren’t your regular hangers—these are cool hangers. If you are running out of room in your closet and can’t find the space for a Closet Door Organizer, Closet Hangers are a superb option. While they are most commonly used to hold about five pairs of pants, these hangers can also effectively hang leggings, keeping them from becoming wrinkled or dusty. The best Closet Hangers are made from stainless steel and feature grippy material on each row, so your leggings don’t end up on the floor of your closet.

Add Drawer Bins

Stacking leggings in a drawer looks organized until you close and reopen the drawer a few times. Then it seems as if a small hurricane has traveled through your dresser. By purchasing some Drawer Bins, you can organize your leggings so that every pair is visible when you open the drawer. There are few things worse than having to knock over every perfectly folded pile of leggings just to see what pair is on the bottom of the stack.

In addition to storing your leggings, Drawer Bins can keep your shirts, socks, underwear, bathing suits, and PJs organized.

When browsing for Drawer Bins, look for bins made with a soft material or mesh so that they can easily move in or out of your drawers. For example, Drawer Bins made with hard plastics or wood can scratch and scrape your furniture. Plus, mesh Drawer Bins provide your leggings with proper ventilation, and they can be effortlessly collapsed to store when you aren’t using them.

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