Lake Trip Outfit Ideas

Before you go online shopping for your upcoming lake trip, check out these tips that will have you looking and feeling confident by the lake!

Dress in Layers

Layering is key. While it can get incredibly warm by the lake, the temperature can drop significantly at night so it’s best to wear outfits that are composed of several different layers. For example, if you plan on wearing jean shorts and a tank top, try to find a linen button-up long sleeve top that can be thrown on top when you start to get chilly. This linen button-up can also be tossed over dresses and outfits with jeans. Fashionistas who are spending the day lounging by the lake should pack a dress-like cover-up that they can wear over their bikini.

Using Accessories to Complete a Look

A nice piece of jewelry or a trendy woven hat can take an outfit from a 0 to 100. Wide-brimmed hats are an extremely fashionable accessory for the spring, summer, and even fall so there will be plenty of opportunities to rock it. Woven boho-chic hats are the perfect addition to a sundress, high-waisted jeans and a tank, bikini, and virtually every other outfit that you’ll be wearing by the lake.

Adding a necklace, bedazzled headband, or pair of drop earrings can effortlessly jazz up an otherwise basic outfit, like a white tank top and denim shorts. If you and your friends decide to go out to eat or shop, throw on a few accessories to elevate your lake look.

Embrace Athleisure

If you’re staying at a lake house, chances are that you’ll be going out for a few nature walks and hikes. Treat yourself to a trendy athleisure outfit that can be worn while you exercise or lounge around the beach area.

Find a Nice Dress

For ladies unsure of where to start when it comes to finding a casual dress that’s appropriate for a lake trip, we suggest opting for a black or neutral-colored sundress. These can be easily dressed down with a pair of white sneakers or dressed up with strappy black sandals and a cropped denim jacket. Dresses are perfect for lake trips as they are fashionable, wildly comfortable, and you can eat whatever delicious snacks you want without feeling restricted.

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