What celebs are wearing during the lockdown

What celebs are wearing during the lockdown

While the nation endures a lockdown in most states due to the virus sweeping the world, celebrities are helping ease the burden. Snapshots of high-profile celebrities wearing infinitely cool and comfortable hunker-down clothing is making the rounds and proving very popular.

After all, who does not want to know how many of the world’s most famous people are dealing with virtually the same situation most of the nation is facing? Rarely in the course of human events do we all share virtually the exact same existence. While the full outcome changes from one home to the next, the nature is the same everywhere.

How do you deal with a potentially deadly viral contagion that has entire nations on lockdown? Well, you surely do not want to sweat it out! Instead, ride it out coolly and comfortably like many famous celebrities. That would seem to be the main theme when it comes to celebrity stay-at-home clothing preferences.

Jeans Are Queens of the Day

It looks like slacks are out along with distressed designer jeans. Instead, stars like Cara Delevingne, Brie Larsen, Jennifer Garner, and Alexa Chung are opting for more conventional denim comfort with stonewashed jeans and aged denim of many styles.

Jeans, after all, can fit comfortably, are acceptable in most social settings, and hold up well throughout the day. The more you wash them, the more comfortable they get, while the color changes ever so much.

The LLR Denim Jeans line can help you match up with the best comfort celebrities are sporting during the lockdown. You can choose your level of dye, wash, color, and comfort. A good, comfortable pair of jeans always is an essential clothing item anytime you need to stay put but still want to get things done around the home.

Stay Tip Top Today

While jeans are a great comfort, so is an appropriate matching top. Jlo is wearing a simple tee adorned with a splash of flair, much like the Liv Tee or colorful Rise – Confident Tee.

You can go with an even more stylish look with the Olive Tee and stay just as comfortable. Larson is sporting a simple yet colorful short-sleeved, button-up collared shirt that says she is ready for a relaxing day outside on the lawn.

Garner and Chung are using thick cable sweaters to help keep the springtime cool temps at bay. You might give the Gwen Blazer or Lucille sweater a try for similar comfort and a generally fun look. Either is a sure way to stay warm and comfortable all day.

Lounging Makes Leggings Great Again

It also is pretty obvious that full-length leggings are a go-to home comfort solution. Naomi Watts and Laura Dern have been caught practicing their social distancing with full-length and three-quarter-length leggings! You can have fun with leggings that are similar to theirs with the Rise Brave 7/7 Legging, One Size Leggings, or the Jax Joggers collection. You can top it off with either the Rise – Confident Tee, Christy V Neck Tee, or a colorful, comfy, and always very cozy Long Sleeve Hudson.

Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth Paltrow are giving comfy casual dresses a go. Paltrow’s is a 3/4th-length skirt with a tank-style top. Bosworth has a full-length skirt with puffy short sleeves. You can match Paltrow’s gown with the popular Dani Tank Dress. Meanwhile, the Riley Dress will help you look every bit as lovely.

Even a Onesie Can Get It Done

Ellen Degeneres is using a onesie at least some of the time to ride out the Coronavirus outbreak. She prefers at least one to be bright yellow with a hint of Easter flair to it. The Xoe Jumper would be an ideal counterpart to the pajama look the famed comic and TV host clearly prefers.

Instead of looking ready for bed, you are ready for a fun day fighting that pesky virus that has most of the nation on lockdown. A Teddy Bear Jacket could really make it an ensemble even Ms. Degeneres would like to give a try due to the absolute comfort and fun looks it exudes.

You likely do not have the same large fan base as so many at-home celebrities. But you can look just as great with a fun line of clothing for at-home comfort.

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