Dressing For Your Body Shape: How to Dress a Pear-Shaped Body

Is Pear Body Shape Attractive?

Attractiveness often is a very subjective thing. What one finds attractive another might not. Yet, both can agree that attractiveness starts from within. You can bring it out with your natural body shape, a positive outlook, confidence, and your own natural sex appeal by dressing for your body shape.  

A pear shape is a shapely form that many people find very attractive. A pear shape simply means your waist and hips and thighs are wider than your bust and shoulders. When properly adorned, your pear-shaped body appeals highly to a wide range of people. Among more famously attractive and well-known women with pear-shaped bodies are:

  • Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.
  • Award-winning singer and actress Beyoncé.
  • Award-winning actress Kate Winslet.

As these gorgeous and confident celebrities with pear-shaped bodies affirm, you define your shape and can look downright dazzling while doing so. You even can find the right jeans for your shape and activity outfits that let you get things done while looking great.

How Should a Short Pear-Shaped Body Dress?

Clothing that provides balance to your body’s silhouette best accentuates your natural beauty. Lightly colored prints or bright colors can help define your waist. Pants with larger cuts to give you more room help to accentuate the natural curves of your hips and waist. High waists and longer pant legs help to define your shape and highlight your natural curves.

Whenever seeking pure comfort while looking great, a full-length dress with a waist accent, short sleeves, and roomy neck deliver. The Riley Dress is a perfect example of an incredibly comfortable and attractive outfit that you can wear nearly anywhere. It is fun, practical, and provides a subtle accent that accentuates pear-shaped bodies. Another outstanding option is the Elegant Noelle Dress with its Dolman sleeves, faux wrap, and waist-tie accent.

What Should a Pear-Shape Wear?

Tops that define your waist, like the Mitzi Top or the Gigi Tee, work great when mated with skirts and comfortable leggings. The Midi A-Line Skirt is a perfect complement that delivers great style with princess seams and seam pocket on the hip side. You get a smart look, great fit, and all-day comfort. Other great options include the form-fitting Azure Skirt or the incredibly adorable and fun Bella Wrap Skirt.

If you are in a more athletically minded mood, the Rise – Invincible Sports Bra coupled with the Rise – I Am Brave 7/8 Legging does an admirable job. You accentuate your waist, define your bust, and show your slender legs while doing more robust work around the home. When you feel more like lounging, Jaxx Joggers are ideal bottoms. They look great under all situations and feel even better with a small waistband ensuring an ideal fit. An Elegant Grace Top with its form-fitting waist, lace sleeve, and front keyhole tie completes the adorable look. You also might opt for jeans that help to match the natural curve of your legs. Boot Cut LLR Denim Jeans are a good example. They have room for your hips and waist, taper past the knee, and widen slightly at the ankle for easier dressing while wearing boots. If you love the cowgirl look, these jeans are perfect.

What Should a Pear-Shaped Body Not Wear?

It is very important to highlight your body’s natural shape. Your bone structure determines your body’s shape more than anything else. You never want to wear clothing that hides your body and gives you a frumpy look. The plainness of bland clothing is a curse everyone carries when picking the wrong clothing for their respective body shapes.

You want to celebrate yourself and wear what makes you happy. As just about anyone can affirm, clothing that makes you look good and feel good really boost your spirits. The right cut and combination from top to bottom can make a huge difference in your outlook and appearance. The two often go together so often, and clothing that feels great and looks just as good is the perfect winning combination for any body type.

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