Casual Wedding Outfits

Weddings are typically considered an incredibly romantic, formal celebration of love—but some couples are more laid back than others. While the soon-to-be-married couple frets about wedding dresses and seating arrangements, you are left with two equally important tasks: getting a gift and finding an outfit.

Most wedding invitations provide suggestions on what to wear or give a specific dress code to make your tasks a lot easier. For example, if you have been invited to a marriage ceremony where “casual” attire is encouraged, we have some suggestions for fashion-forward casual wedding outfits.

Remember that compared to traditional white- and black-tie events, casual weddings don’t follow a strict dress code. But looking and feeling good should still be the primary goal.

Layer Dresses with Covers

Instead of a formal, floor-length satin gown, layering a casual dress with a structured trench coat, blazer, or leather jacket is perfect for an informal wedding. Because most “casual” weddings take place on the beach, in a park, or someone’s backyard, you’ll want to wear something that can cover your shoulders when the sun goes down.

By pairing a midi or mini (not too mini) dress with a structured blazer, you’ll add sophistication to an otherwise casual look. Tossing a leather jacket over a dress will add some edginess, which is why we suggest wearing one with a hyper-feminine dress. For example, dark leather will perfectly complement a delicate floral pattern.

If you don’t feel like bringing a jacket, a pashmina shawl or wrap can keep you warm without compromising your look.

Layer with Tunics

A tunic is similar to a long-sleeved top, except it falls between your hips and knees. For most people, a tunic is too short to wear with bare legs, so we suggest pairing a tunic with leggings or tights. This look is ideal for fall and winter weddings when the temperature is cool.

Wear a long-sleeved tunic with leggings, ankle or knee-high boots, and a warm jacket for a casual yet fashionable wedding outfit. A simple way to add flare to any outfit is by playing around with fabrics, details, and textures. Consider wearing a tunic with a sherpa jacket, sheer tights, and suede boots for a stylish fall or winter look.

Tunics are also loose around the torso so you can enjoy yourself at the reception buffet.

Midi Dresses

When it comes to dress lengths, midi dresses are the perfect in-between. Floor-length gowns are formal, whereas mini and cocktail dresses are a little too casual for a wedding. Midi dresses that gather at the waist or hug your body from top to bottom are appropriate for a relaxed marriage ceremony. Regarding shoe options, this dress style can be worn with heels, ankle boots, and even western boots—consider these if the wedding location is a farm, riding club, or ranch. 

If you are looking for a midi dress with some unique details, look for a slit-sleeve dress. The arm slits are trendy and will provide ventilation when you are dancing up a storm later in the evening.

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