Easy and Casual Spring Outfits

When it comes to fashion, spring provides countless opportunities to wear matching sets, breezy dresses, pastel shades, and floral prints. Compared to winter fashion, spring styles are much brighter and more fun.

Check out these five easy and casual spring outfits as they will provide you with some serious fashion inspo:

Bold Colors

Bold colors for spring? Groundbreaking! This year, bright colors like lime green, highly saturated yellow, sunset orange, and kelly green are trendy. If matching colors makes you nervous, the easiest way to incorporate one of these colors is by purchasing a dress as you’ll only have to pick shoes to go with it. A bold-colored top can also be paired with slouchy boyfriend jeans and white sneakers.

These mood-boosting hues can be a little intimidating, but they will make you stand out in a crowd.

Baggy and Parachute Styles

If you were never a fan of skinny jeans, the good news is that they have been replaced with baggier, wide leg denim. Oversized, relaxed denim is incredibly easy to move in and can add edginess to your current wardrobe. Try pairing baggy jeans with white sneakers and a cropped knit sweater for a casual outing this spring.

If you’re in need of a fancier outfit, pair your oversized jeans with a floral corset, leather jacket, and pointed-toe sock boots.

Maxi Dresses

Flowy, floral maxi dresses are perfect for spring and can be easily dressed up with sandals or dressed down with sneakers. You can also layer with maxi dresses by adding a fitted t-shirt underneath some styles or by throwing a denim or leather jacket on top.

If you’re really wanting to elevate the look of a maxi dress, use a belt to cinch you in at your waist or pair it with a woven, wide-brimmed hat.

Floral Patterns

Spring has always been the optimal season to rock floral prints as it’s the season when flowers begin to bloom. It’s safe to say that wearing floral patterns in spring will never go out of style. You can wear a floral dress with sandals and a denim jacket or baggy jeans with a feminine floral blouse.

When trying to create an outfit with a piece that’s covered in florals, try to stick with only one print as matching prints can be really overwhelming if done incorrectly.

The Classic Jeans and a Relaxed Shirt

This combination is simple and chic. Wearing baggy jeans and a button-up white shirt with sneakers is a perfect casual look that can be worn out for lunch or while you shop in the city. Swapping the sneakers with a pair of black patent pumps is an easy way to dress it up for evening events.

Styling tip: Tucking the bottom of the button-up white long sleeve shirt in behind your jean’s zipper will elongate the look of your legs.

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