Postpartum Fashion Ideas

Whether you have your first baby or your fourth when you become a new mom, your body will go through some significant changes, especially in the stomach and bust area. That can make finding clothes that fit tricky, but it doesn’t have to.

Here are five fashion tips for new moms that will help you find stylish clothes even as your body goes through its changes.

1. A Loose Shirt Dress

After delivery, you may find it challenging to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. But don’t despair, as some great post-pregnancy clothing options don’t cling to any part of your body. For example, a loose shirt dress is an excellent option to wear over a thick pair of nursing pads.

2. Thick, Comfortable Leggings

After giving birth, most new moms notice that their body has changed in ways they could never have imagined.

Since you’ll still be recovering from your pregnancy as you adjust to life with a newborn baby, it’s essential to choose garments that make you feel like yourself but also adapt to your changing body. So look for leggings and stretchy pants that fit well and won’t roll down or leave gaps.

3. An Oversized Button-Down

A button-down shirt is a smart option when you want to look put together without putting in much effort. It’s dressy enough for a night out but can also be worn casually with shorts and sandals.

If you’re new to tops, you may find shopping hard after having a baby but don’t worry. Maternity clothes are made just for women who aren’t quite back to their pre-pregnancy bodies yet.

4. A Nursing Top or Dress

This is an excellent solution for any post-pregnancy mamas who are nursing. Nursing tops are just like normal shirts, except they have a flap in front that you can pull down to reveal your breast and offer easy access, so you don’t always have to stop what you’re doing to a nurse.

They also work great if you want to go out and do something without nursing but still want some extra coverage for your post-baby body.

5. Well-Made Knitwear

Those mom-to-be months are fast and furious, so it’s no surprise that you might gain a few pounds. But don’t worry, you can still be stylish while expecting.

When shopping for maternity clothes, choose pieces with elastic or adjustable waists. They’ll fit your changing body much better than outfits that aren’t meant to accommodate a baby bump.

How to Accessorize Postpartum Fashion

Once you’ve finished breastfeeding, it’s tempting to lose yourself in new outfits and accessories to match your post-baby body. But take a break from baring those post-baby curves and keep things simple with easy accessorizing tips.

And remember that great fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Try shopping for some staple pieces at consignment shops! Consignment shop items are often already sorted by size, so you don’t have to dig through racks of clothes looking for something that fits.

The Bottom Line

There are some definite fashion no-no’s, including wearing overly revealing clothing, especially if you’re breastfeeding, so be sure your choices flatter your new body shape. If you don’t have time to do much shopping, think about flattering basics, like leggings and tunics. Also, make sure all pants fit comfortably at your waist.

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