How to Style Skirts to Dress Up or Dress Down Your Looks

No matter the season, skirts will always be a staple. But knowing how to style them can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’ve created a guide including skirt outfit ideas for a dressed down or polished look.


Dressing Up a Skirt

Looking for something to wear to work or on a romantic date night? Here’s some inspiration to dress up your skirt:


A Blazer

One of the easiest ways to dress up a skirt is with a blazer. A blazer is one of those pieces that will never go out of style.

The ways you can pair a blazer with a skirt are endless. You can choose to pair it with a pencil skirt or mix it up with a flowing maxi. For a more tailored look, you can even accessorize with a belt — this will also cinch your waistline.



Monochromatic styles are always on-trend. And wearing one color from head to toe is an easy way to make a fashion statement.

First, choose a color and incorporate pieces that are in the same color family. For example, you can pair a fitted olive green skirt with an emerald green turtleneck sweater.


A Button Down

Nothing says elegance than a button-down shirt. But this piece isn’t only for pantsuits and trousers. For example, you can easily style a skirt with a button-down.

For instance, you can add structure to a free-flowing maxi skirt with a crisp button-down top. Tuck it into your skirt or tie it into a knot to add more definition to your waistline.


A Sweater

Whether it’s pleated, short, midi, or maxi, knitted sweaters go well with pretty much any style skirt.

Choose to wear your skirt with a knitted pullover or cardigan. For a cozier look for winter, you can even pair your skirt and sweater combo with tights and ankle boots.


Matching Set

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz from Clueless with a two-piece matching set. Don’t be afraid to play with classic prints like plaid and houndstooth.


Dressing Down a Skirt

Whether you’re going for a 90s-peppy look or a comfy and fashionable aesthetic, these tips are great for dressing down a skirt:


A Graphic Tee

Skirts typically give off a formal vibe, but adding a graphic tee can automatically create a laid-back look.

You can choose your favorite graphic tee and tuck it into a leather (or faux leather) skirt.

For a business-casual style, pull on a blazer. Don’t forget to complete your look with combat boots or chunky heels.



Sweatshirts are a part of traditional athleisure wear. But you aren’t limited to wearing them with sweatpants and jeans. Instead, you can create a stylish look with sweatshirts and skirts.

For example, a mini skirt is perfect to pair with a printed sweatshirt. Sweatshirts also work well with midi and maxi skirts.


Mix and Match Prints

There are no rules in fashion, so matching isn’t a necessity. For instance, you can wear a plaid skirt with a striped shirt. The only rule here is to have fun and experiment with patterns.


Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a classic piece that can be worn with almost anything — including skirts.

Wear your favorite leather motorcycle jacket with a mini skirt and knitted turtleneck. You can also pair it with your favorite maxi skirt. Complete this look with a chic handbag and sunglasses.



Sneakers are the ultimate casual footwear. And the great thing is that it looks stylish with skirts.

Pair a midi skirt with a tank top, denim jacket, and low-top sneakers for a fashionable and chic look.


Bonus Fashion Hack: Maxi Skirt As A Dress

Wearing a maxi skirt as a dress? Um, yes! The key to pulling it off is cinching in your waist and adjusting the length. Here’s how to do it.


Step 1: Belt It

A maxi skirt worn as a dress usually doesn’t flatter your waist. However, adding a belt will define your waist and give the maxi skirt more shape.


Step 2: Hem It

If you’re skilled at sewing, you can hem the bottom of the skirt to give it a flattering finish. Or you can tie a knot on the side to provide the hem with an asymmetrical look.

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