Your Guide to Animal Prints

Animal prints are everywhere—on the racks at your favorite shopping boutiques, modeled by fashion influencers on social media, and worn by celebrities on television. But because the wild prints make such a statement, it’s important that you wear the right ones correctly.

While they are always in fashion, they can feel difficult to style. So, we’re here to help you conquer the concrete jungle, one animal print at a time.

Which Animal Prints Are In

When fashionistas think of animal prints, cheetah and leopard prints are usually the two that come to mind. However, cheetah print is taking a back seat this season, giving zebra and tiger print a moment to shine.

Zebra print can be white and black or brown and black, whereas tiger print is usually orange and black. These hyper-trendy animal prints are in style for the fall and winter of 2022.

The snakeskin print continues to be trendy this year, especially on heels, loafers, denim or tailored pants, and accessories.

Tips On How to Wear Animal Prints

The easiest way to wear an animal print is by pairing it with neutral colors. To start, find a zebra or tiger print sweater or long-sleeve shirt and wear it with high-waisted denim and boots. If this feels a little too bold for you, a fitted blazer or leather jacket can take away from the loudness of the print.

When it comes to footwear, try to opt for black or neutral-colored shoes. Because you want the animal print to be the focal point, wearing brightly-hued shoes will only take away from this.

If you’re confused about what colors match the animal print, try to pull a color directly from the clothing item. For example, a brown and black zebra print will go great with beige, black, or brown pants.

Those who live to take fashion risks can pair colors like emerald green and orange with funky animal prints.

Ideas On How You Can Incorporate Animals Print into Your Current Wardrobe

For animal print beginners, we suggest starting with a dress. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding a pair of pants that match. All you’ll have to worry about is footwear, accessories, and perhaps a jacket if it’s cold out. For example, a knit midi animal print dress is sophisticated yet playful and looks great with black or beige boots cut off by the hem of the garment.

Another fashion-forward suggestion is pairing an orange and black tiger print dress with beige or tan cowboy boots. This is a great way to incorporate the western trend into your wardrobe.

If you’re hesitant to wear animal print on your body, consider starting with a funky animal print bag or scarf. Accessories are always great for experimenting with trends before committing to an entire outfit. Handbags covered in an animal print can add detail to an otherwise simple look, elevating the classic jeans and white t-shirt.

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