Thinking About Joining LuLaRoe?

You’re here because you’ve likely been invited to a LuLaRoe party or shared some interest in the buttery leggings. Good thing you’re in the right place to learn more!

LuLaRoe was created to help others succeed. Built on the principles of entrepreneurship, freedom, and service—where community and growth thrive, LuLaRoe was founded in 2013 as a multi-level marketing company.

My Start 

I came across LuLaRoe in February 2015. I was invited to an online party on Facebook. I thought the clothes were so cute and comfortable. I noticed the seller could sell through a Facebook Group, and I thought, why couldn’t I do the same? 

I’m a stay-at-home mom with four kids. When I started with LuLaRoe, my youngest was one and I was looking for some sort of way to help my family, financially.

With children currently being homeschooled, it’s hard to be away from home. I started selling to make some supplemental income. While my husband has a job and I certainly don’t have to sell, I wanted to sell for a “fun” income, being able to take my family on vacation.

Why Clothing 

The clothing industry is an excellent industry that’s not going anywhere. Billions of dollars are spent in the clothing industry, providing many opportunities worldwide for new designs, patterns, or fabrics.

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the online clothing industry has grown, with fewer and fewer people shopping in person. With the opportunity to sell at home through LuLaRoe, having a passive income stream is easier than you think.  

This is the age of being an entrepreneur with the opportunity to be flexible. The last year or two have been difficult and scary. As we’ve seen, people have lost their jobs and their health due to the ongoing pandemic.

How It Works 

LuLaRoe works with sellers like me to offer the support we need. Their back end, aka their office, handles the sales tax, training, education, and the most successful tips to run the business.

Sellers like myself buy wholesale and sell at retail through our seller platform. Whether you choose to simply sell clothes or become someone that helps others grow their business, there is room for you to grow into another position. With that growth comes additional income.

Your Next Steps 

Spend some time reading through LuLaRoe’s website and see what questions you have. Please make a list and contact me. Together, we’ll go through any questions you might have and make sure this is the right fit for you.

Take a minute and consider if this is a worthy cause for you. If it is, let’s explore this together. One step at a time. This is something you will love to do and likely will change your life, your family’s life, and the lives around you.

Selling LuLaRoe is more than just selling clothes. It’s an opportunity to connect and build a business for yourself. With the tools and resources provided, entrepreneurship is more effortless than ever before.

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