How to Vinegar Wash your Dark Dyed Clothing

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This is how to vinegar wash your dark clothes so they don’t leave black marks. I like to use vinegar and I wash all of my darks with it.

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Salt and Vinegar for Dark Clothes

Salt and vinegar aren’t only useful in your kitchen. They are also great additions to your laundry room! They’re especially helpful for keeping your dark clothes looking their best.

There are many reasons for vinegar on dark clothes:

  • Stops dirt from sticking to your clothes
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Removes stains
  • Prevents fading
  • Softens fabrics

Salt is another powerful stain remover, and it stops the dyes in your clothes from bleeding into your other clothes. The combination of salt and vinegar can have a noticeable effect on your darks.

Prepare Your Vinegar Wash

You could do it in the sink, a bowl, an old ice cream bucket, or any container big enough to fit the clothes you’re washing. I like to do this in my bathtub, but this time I’m using a bucket, and I’m preparing to wash my daughter’s flannel.

Don’t put your clothes in your bucket just yet. Start with the cold water. As you fill up your bucket with water, pour in your salt so that it can completely dissolve. About a cup of salt per gallon of water should do it.

Then pour in about the same amount of vinegar as salt. When you have enough water and you’ve poured in the salt and vinegar, turn the water off, and mix it all together.

Soak Your Clothes

It’s time to put your clothes in. Give it another mix, so everything soaks into the fabric. Now let that soak. You can leave your clothes in there for several hours or until you’re ready to do your wash. You can let them soak overnight to get even better results.

When you’re ready to wash your clothes, empty the bucket, and throw your pre-soaked clothes into the washing machine. You could throw them in by themselves or with some other dark clothes. Then, what I do is wash with a liquid detergent meant for dark clothes, and hang to dry. If you want, you can use the dryer. Now you’re good to go!

That’s it. It’s that simple. To make your clothes stain-free and to prevent fading, you can find everything you need at the grocery store.

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