How to Pack for a Cruise or Resort Vacation This Summer

Going on a cruise or to a resort is the perfect time to show off your cutest summer fashions, but it can feel a little overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to help you choose the cutest summer outfits, no matter your age or size, so you can look amazing for your entire trip.

Think About Your Destination

Whether you’re opting for someplace tropical or enjoying the cooler weather in the southern hemisphere, you need to take your destination into consideration when deciding what to pack. If you’re going someplace tropical, miniskirts are an excellent option because they are easily matched with an assortment of clothing pieces for multiple looks. However, cooler climates may require thick pants and a jacket. If you’re going somewhere with a drastic temperature difference, think about what you’ll wear there rather than what’s comfortable at home. There’s nothing worse than packing summer clothes and arriving in a chilly Australia!

Depend on Essentials

We’re going to start by saying that we’re not going to tell you to wear the same outfit every single day. However, you should have some pieces you can mix and match, especially if you have some sort of laundry service (although, we won’t tell if you re-wear the same skirt). Think about what items you have or can add to your wardrobe that will match several pieces. For example, a basic white t-shirt can work with shorts one day and under a duster with a skirt the following day. By packing with the idea of reusing, you can save valuable suitcase space.


You want to know the style secret of those women who always look perfectly put together? They accessorize for each outfit. Never underestimate how a change in jewelry, scarves and shoes can change an outfit. Make sure to pack plenty of accessories—including hats and sunglasses—to ensure your outfit looks great no matter what you’re doing.

If You’re Over 50

The best thing about being older? You get to splurge! Look to get high-quality pieces that will make you look and feel great. A bright tankini (or even a bikini) is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. Look for clothing made from natural materials. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a trip because of itchy, non-breathing fabrics. For casual wear, look for a high-quality shirtdress and a bohemian maxiskirt while more formal attire like an evening gown and cocktail dress will more than fit the bill.

If You’re Plus Size

Remember that beauty comes in every size, and don’t be afraid to show yours off! From bright, colorful prints to bold statement jewelry, plus size clothing options are better than ever. Remember that large prints tend to be more flattering because you have a gorgeous body that can show them off like they’re intended to be. Want a formal outfit? Consider a flowing evening gown so you’ll be comfortable even if it’s hot outside at your destination.

Packing for a cruise or resort can feel overwhelming, but once you know what to pack, the process is incredibly easy. Remember to pack items that will be comfortable at your destination, that can be mixed-and-matched and bring plenty of accessories no matter your age or size. Most importantly, have fun!

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