Your Guide to Aesthetic Fashion

When it comes to ever-evolving fashion trends, it can feel tough to keep up—that’s why we’re here to help. But the good news is that getting an aesthetic wardrobe doesn’t require a complete closet overhaul. All you have to do is spruce up your existing clothing collection with a few ready-to-wear items.

Aesthetic fashion has been around forever, but it’s grown in popularity recently thanks to TikTok and Instagram influencers. So, there’s a good chance you already have your aesthetic figured out. But some women feel lost about where to start, so the 16 most popular aesthetics can provide guidance and inspiration as you tackle a wardrobe refresher.

Another great way to familiarize yourself with the aesthetics is to search for them by hashtag on TikTok or Instagram. This will keep you busy for hours, and your research won’t go unnoticed when it comes to the chic outfits you put together.

To help you discover your style vibe, we’ve found everything you need to know about aesthetic fashion.

The History of Aesthetic Fashion

The word “aesthetic” has been flung around a lot lately in a few different contexts. For example, it can be used to refer to someone’s style, or it can be used as a compliment. Because of its fluid meaning, many people feel confused when they think about building an aesthetic wardrobe.

In terms of history, aesthetic fashion dates back to the 19th century, when designers transitioned from creating only practical clothing and started to make pieces that were purely for aesthetic purposes. When aesthetic fashion came into play, people started having much more fun getting dressed in the mornings.

The Most Popular Examples of Aesthetic Fashion

Because there are around 16 different types of aesthetic fashion, it’s easy to find one that catches your eye and makes you feel confident. These are a few of the most popular:

  • Grunge: Celebrities like Billie Eilish, Rita Ora, and Gwen Stefani understood the assignment when it came to this rock-inspired aesthetic. Grunge was born from the underground music scene and embraces mixed prints, combat boots, choker necklaces, spikes, plaid, and many blacks.
  • VSCO Girl: You’re likely thinking, “what the heck is a VSCO Girl?” Well, the name comes from the famous photo editing app. This aesthetic includes Birkenstocks, oversized T-shirts, scrunchies, white sneakers, and baggy jeans.
  • E-Girl: This aesthetic took off because of TikTok. E-Girls tend to wear anime-inspired trends and often borrow ideas from video games. They usually have dyed hair and wear minimal makeup, chokers, mesh clothing, and silver jewelry.
  • Y2K Pop Punk: If you’re looking for a celebrity example of this aesthetic, Olivia Rodrigo has it down to fine art. Think plaid skirts with pleats, corsets, and chunky boots.
  • Soft Girl: Think ultra-romantic outfits that lean on pastel pink hues, florals, plaid skirts, cardigans, and sweater vests. The soft girl aesthetic also plays around with contrast, which is why many fashion enthusiasts pair their feminine outfits with chunky combat boots.
  • Cottagecore: This aesthetic has become popular recently and can be recognized by florals, eyelet fabrics, and prairie-style dresses. It’s hyper-feminine, and those who follow the cottagecore aesthetic look as if they should always be standing in a flower garden.

The other aesthetic fashion styles include Kidcore, Twee, Skater, Early 2000s, Art Ho, Normcore, Dark Academia, Baddie, ’90s, and Light Academia.

Ideas on how to incorporate it into your current wardrobe

When refreshing your wardrobe, start by going through your closet and looking at what aesthetic you’ve already gravitated to. Toss out the pieces you no longer wear and note what needs to be replaced. From there, browsing through clothing websites and social media can provide inspiration and guidance on what you need to purchase.

It’s also a great idea to find a few celebrities or fashion influencers who dress the way you’d like to dress. and use their outfits as inspiration to build a well-rounded, aesthetic collection of clothing.

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