What is Color-Blocking?

While it may sound complicated, this fashion trend is quite simple. Color-blocking involves wearing multiple pieces of solid-colored clothing together in one outfit. Depending on how much of a risk-taker you are in fashion, you can mix two to three colors in one look. But before stepping out of the house, be sure that the colors you are wearing complement each other.

Where Did The Color-Blocking Trend Come From?

Color-blocking became popular decades ago, in the 1960s. Back in the 60s and 70s, people started using fashion as a form of expression and experimentation, pushing back on societal norms and expectations. In the 60s, people would mix bold colors, and then the trend reached a new level by the 70s, adding colorful patterns to the mix. From there, the “hippie” look emerged.

Examples Of Color-Blocking for This Fall and Winter

With colder temperatures in the fall and winter, we have to bundle up and wear more clothing than we did in the summer. Since we can add a few extra layers to every outfit, it’s easy to incorporate color-blocking.

For example, a chic fall color-blocking look could include a red pair of structured pants, a bubble gum pink knit sweater, and a deep purple jacket. Even though these colors are different, they can still create a cohesive look.

Adding a colored jacket or winter coat to your look is an easy way to add a pop of color.

If you’re confused about what colors go together, try sticking to either cool or warm tones when building an outfit—for example, match yellow with oranges and reds and blues with purples. Red and lavender also make a striking match.

One of the trendiest combinations for this winter is bright pink and green—watermelon hues aren’t just for the summer.

How To Incorporate Color-Blocking into Your Current Wardrobe

Fear not if your current wardrobe is filled with neutrals, as they make an excellent base for color-blocking. You can ease into the playful trend by pairing neutral-toned items with colorful pieces.

One of the chicest color-blocking outfits for fall and winter is an oversized knit sweater and a satin or silk mini skirt. This versatile outfit can be worn out with friends for brunch, to the office, or out for date night.

Another easy way to add color-blocking to your current wardrobe is by investing in a few colorful separates. Depending on your mood, they can be worn with neutrals or other colors if you want to create a flashier look.

When it comes to shopping for color-blocking pieces, don’t just stick to one texture, as the more texture you can mix into a look, the better. An outfit that consists of only cotton or linen fabrics can fall flat.

If you are really looking to take your color-blocking to the next level, consider adding a bright-colored pair of boots or sneakers to your shoe collection. A bright pink boot looks gorgeous when paired with a blue blouse and structured pants.

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