The Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Prints and Patterns

When it comes to mixing prints and patterns, many people get a little intimidated, and it makes sense – so many colors, shapes and sizes! Have you ever seen someone on the street who is simply killing it in…both polka dots and stripes? You can be like them with just a few basic rules.

Whether you love polka dots or stripes, or you’ve jumped into the classic grid patterns like plaid and checkers, combining patterns is for everyone. Add some accent florals, paisley or abstract prints and strut with style. Read on for the top fashion tips in mixing prints and patterns!

Rule #1: Mix Prints That Have Matching Colors

Whether you pair dark polka dots with dark floral or checkered slacks with a floral top that has a common color, mixing prints looks more cohesive if you stick to a simple color scheme. Many fashion experts suggest sticking to two colors, like the classic black and white combo or a bold yellow and blue pairing. Keeping your differently-patterned pieces to a color or two can help lead the eye through your outfit and keep it looking fresh and put-together, rather than haphazard.

Rule #2: Choose Prints That Are Similar in Design But Different in Style

When choosing pieces to put together, try picking prints that are similar in design–like swirls, checkers or floral–but are different in style. Floral is a great opportunity to try this out because there are so many different types of floral prints out there! You could also pair large stripes with pinstripes or tightly checkered pants with a boxy checkered top if that’s more your style. The key here is scale: wearing pieces with similar designs will help maintain the outfit’s cohesiveness, but the difference in size or style keeps it interesting.

Rule #3: Mix and Match Patterns From the Same Brand or Store

You can also choose two pieces from the same brand to combine for a stunning outfit! Garments from the same brand or store are likely to share a similar style, color scheme or general vibe, making it easier for you to pair them together. For example, pair those boxy slacks from your favorite designer with a top from the same designer. Style and color consistency is common among most mainstream designers because they need to maintain a brand, and this makes it easier for you to build outfits – lucky you!

Whatever your dream pattern pairing, there’s a very good chance you can make it work if you follow the three basic rules outlined above. Make sure to consider the color scheme and the size of the pattern or design. Also consider their individual styles, how they look together and what could make it less busy, more interesting or overall more of a statement! If you have any questions or need some inspiration, don’t hesitate to check out our website. Happy print pairing!

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