Planning a Wardrobe for Fluctuating Weight

We all know someone who can still fit into their high school jeans, twenty or thirty years after they graduated and who could consistently fit into them throughout that time too.

However, it’s important to note that while those people do exist, they are the exception, rather than the rule. Most of us will face weight fluctuations throughout our lives. Sometimes, it’s because we get pregnant. Other times, it’s simply because we’ve put on a few pounds – or lost a few. The important thing to remember is that your weight does not define who you are – and to have a wardrobe that is flexible and forgiving!

There are several ways you can build a wardrobe that fits perfectly all the time. Here are a few great ideas:

1. Learn to Love Stretchy Fabrics…

Let’s be honest – fabrics that have a little stretch are way more comfortable, no matter what size you are. Look for clothes that contain a little lycra for some stretch, no matter what you are shopping for. There are suits, jeans and other kinds of clothing that include stretch, so you’re not stuck with sweatpants and t-shirts!

2. …and Elastic Waistbands

Sure, you have to have a few pairs of dress pants and the occasional pencil skirt in your wardrobe, but most of your bottoms should have a waistband that has some give. Whether that’s a fully elasticated option like leggings (otherwise known as your best friend!) or dressier items with clever elasticated sections.

3. Choose Breezy Shirts

Fitted shirts look great on models and mannequins – but very few other people. A few slightly looser, breezier collared shirts will still look great tucked in or left flowing, but they’ll fit whether you’re having a heavier week or a skinnier one.

4. Sweaters and Cardigans Are Your Friend

Whether it’s a slouchy duster style cardigan or a preppy twin set, sweaters, cardigans, and other kinds of knitwear look great, but have enough stretch to be a little more forgiving. Choose styles that skin your body rather than clinging and look for ribbing that will stretch a little more when necessary.

5. Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories can really make any outfit pop – no matter what size you are at. When you have a capsule wardrobe of go to pieces, you can change the style, feel and colour scheme of your outfit just by changing the shoes, purse, scarf, or jewelry you use. Even the hint of a lacy camisole peeking out of a shirt can change the way your outfit looks and add the finishing touch.

6. Add a Great Coat

Great coats should not be too tight – no matter what size you happen to be – and you can safely choose one a size up without looking like you’re drowning when you are little lighter! A perfectly tailored, high quality coat can really pull your look together though, so if there’s one thing you might want to have in multiple sizes, this is it. Think of it as the finishing touch! Just perfect.

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